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Buyer Service

Round-the-clock access

I am available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week for communication.

Listening session

Listen to your stories, needs and goals around your new home purchase, your preferred level of communication and involvement. We determine the best approach and strategy for us to collaborate on this journey. 

Search & visit homes

Searching for homes that meet your criteria. We go visit homes you are interested in. While touring properties, I always perform a walk through inspection. I can quickly point out areas of concern about the home and , as well as positive aspects. We will continue polish and refine our search and visit more homes till we find the ONE!

Research and making offers

When we find the ideal home, prior to making an offer, I will do my research. Finding out more details of the home, the neighborhood and the seller's motivation and needs. I also study closely of the home and neighborhood value to determine the best offer price. 

In my humble experience, I believe due diligence performed in the background will help you structure an effective and compelling  offer to purchase, also increase your chance to will.

Contingency Period

When the Purchase and Sales Agreement is accepted and signed by all parties, I'll continually monitor the progress towards closing. I'll assist and facilitate during the contingency period to confirm financing/appraisal, inspections and any other contingencies to which your purchase is subject to. And keeping you informed of all events that may affect closing. Over the years, I have cultivated a network of industry contacts to help support you through the transaction process. I can recommend a good escrow company, contractors, home inspectors, tax/legal specialists, insurance companies, mortgage brokers, etc. My goal is to really offer you a stress-free and pleasant experience.

Closing and ongoing support

After successfully closing the home, I will be around and available for all questions you may have, as the reason we aim to be a purpose driven company, we want to be your go-to advisor in real estate and continue advocate your best interests. 

Round-the-clock access

I am available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This is on your schedule.

Listening session

Get acquainted with each other, listen to your needs and plan around your home for sale. Share with me your goals and preferred level of communication and involvement. 

Home visit and consultation

Visiting your home and taking detail notes of any major improvements you have made. Providing you a comparable market analysis (CMA) report. And based on your home condition, to suggest any improvement tips and reach an agreeable market price. Together we customize an action plan to market and sell your home. Finally, answer any questions you may have.

Executing listing and marketing tasks

Once we finalized and signed our listing agreements. I will create a professional, detailed and accurate MLS listing with beautiful photos of your home, set up lock box access, arrange installment of a for sale yard sign and develop extensive online exposure for your home.

Open house and weekly report

I will provide you immediate status on how many people have viewed your home and their feedback after every open house. As well as weekly report during our showing period. 

Accepting the offer

Representing your best interests and consult with you regarding accepting an offer or negotiation on all offers. We aim to achieve the best terms and numbers that you will feel happy with.

Closing process

I will oversee the entire closing process and communicate immediately to you when issues arise. I will calculate all crucial deadlines under contracts, identify important contacts, dates, monitor and follow up as needed. Lastly to set reminders to you for important dates. Our goal is to help you: alleviate concerns, minimize errors, and deliver smooth transaction. 

We don't say goodbye

Yes, I will be around and offering on going support to my clients. Anything real estate related! Let us build a trusting, respectful and long relationship moving forward, and more importantly let's have some fun!

Listing Service

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